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A Roo tribute to Coach Hayden Fry.

In honor of the passing of Texas native and Hall of Fame coach Hayden Fry: two 1976 articles on Fry’s incredibly wise hire of Austin College offensive coordinator Bill Snyder. Fry’s last year of coaching (Iowa) was 1998, when Snyder’s Kansas State Wildcats barely missed a spot in the NCAA national championship game after an

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They say a picture tells a thousand words.

They say a picture tells a thousand words. This one certainly does. It looks like just another football game in just another small town newspaper, doesn’t it? But man is there so much more to this photo. The newspaper is the Panola County Watchman, the paper of choice for the citizens of Carthage, TX. You

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The House voted to impeach the President.

The House voted to impeach the President. The President didn’t really give the House much of a choice. He was considered something of an accidental President, having assumed office under questionable circumstances. He was inappropriate, and unpopular nationwide. Even by the standards of the time, the President was crude, vulgar, and a virulent nativist. He

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Hey Austin, TX Roos!

Hey Austin, TX Roos! Y’all probably know all about Jack Wylie’s AC ROOts Happy Hour group in the D/FW area. Well, Monica Walters Crowley, Charlotte Marx Harper, and others have followed in his footsteps and have started an AC ROOts group down here in Austin. You gotta attend, you just gotta! Why’s that? Cause phoning

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Austin College & the Keystone State

You might enjoy reading this article about Austin College President and Pennsylvania native Steven O’Day. After receiving his B.A. in the Keystone state, O’Day headed to Temple University to earn his law degree in 1988. Temple lost to Penn State in football during all three years of his time in Philadelphia. Temple had not

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Luv Ya Roo.

Wow! Check out that video in the comments. The one that says “Monday Night Football in the Astrodome.” No really, go watch. I’ll wait here. Take your time…… You’re back! Did you watch it? Did it give you “all the feels?” If you were a Houston Oiler fan back in the day, I bet it

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