The 1990 Austin College Kangaroos

The “1979 TIAA Champion Kangaroos” story has been added the book “Roo Tales: The Stories of Austin College Football.” I’ve shared a link for the hardcover & kindle options in the comments (if you want paperback, I’ll need to email you that link directly). The book now includes stories from 7 different years/seasons: 1893 1920

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AC & Stephen F. Austin

I’ve got a Stephen F. Austin (Nacogdoches) story up in the AC Alumni Group. The AC Alumni Group is the place for AC non-sports stories. This group is for AC sports stories, so I’m sharing a 1935 picture from the SFA yearbook. The Lumberjack football team hosted the Roos in Nacogdoches and got crushed by

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The 1979 TIAA Champion Austin College Kangaroos

“You gotta love ‘em.  You gotta love the Cowboys.  They’re the most exciting team in the NFL.  They can pull it out!” – Dallas Cowboys safety Charlie Waters in the broadcast booth, moments before the iconic Roger Staubach-to-Tony Hill touchdown over Washington to end the 1979 regular season. The 1970s belonged to the Dallas Cowboys. 

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