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The Memorial Day Tale of Robert J. Maxey

The Battle of Cantigny was the first. The Battle of Cantigny, fought on May 28, 1918, was the first American offensive in a World War 1 that was going poorly for the Western Front.  Kaiser Wilhelm’s Germany still held significant amounts of French territory and could see the blinking lights of Paris in the distance. 

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Congratulations to Sam Houston State

Congratulations to Sam Houston State. The Bearkats earned a D1 FCS title in football today with a dramatic, last second win over South Dakota State.In attendance was JR Ohr. JR is a former Roo QB, former Bearkat athletics staffer, and current Roo Executive Director for development. JR’s daughter is now 1-0 in national championship games.

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Myanmmar & Tex Hill

Dianne and I were sitting in Tiananmen Square, having just arrived in May of 2011 to finish the adoption of our daughter Ms. M. I looked up at the big portrait of Mao, and noticed a flag hanging next to China’s. “Whose flag is that?,” I wondered. I looked it up later. It was the

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Dr. Clyde Hall

I was messaging with Christopher Hall this weekend about his father. You know his Dad right? Dr. Clyde Hall? An AC living legend? Dr. Hall turned 98 years old last week. I told Chris how inspired I was by his Dad’s story. What I didn’t mention to Chris though was my favorite picture of Dr.

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Miracle on the Hudson

L.T. Cook Jr. had only one real dream. To fly. His father L.T. Cook Sr. was different. Cook Sr., a lifelong educator, took the job of Superintendent of Sherman ISD in 1930. For nearly 15 years, he presided over the education of Sherman students, often guiding them towards nearby Austin College. Cook Sr. worked closely

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Aisne-Marne Cemetery

12 Oaks stand between Dean and Baker Halls on the campus of Austin College, memorializing the 12 Kangaroos lost during World War 1. This is the story of one of those Oaks, dedicated to Charles Ignatius Coffin. The Coffin family of Itasca, TX has sent generations through the halls of AC. Charles is not nearly

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The Most Perfect Game Ever Pitched

It’s my birthday! I was born on April 29th, 1970. But it’s a different April 29th that’s been on my mind lately. On April 29th, 1922, Austin College Kangaroo Charlie Robertson retired for the night alongside his Chicago White Sox teammates at the Statler Hotel in downtown Detroit, MI. Robertson, a rookie pitcher with two

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Top 5 Charlie Robertson Moments

Austin College Kangaroo Charlie Robertson is on my mind. Robertson is a former Roo baseball player who pitched a perfect game for the Chicago White Sox on April 30th, 1922. The 99th anniversary of his perfect game is this week. So, I’m going to honor this Roo by counting down my Top 5 favorite Charlie

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AC Women’s Water Polo: D3 Champs

Congratulations to AC Women’s Water Polo. The Roos defeated Wittenburg University (OH) to earn the Collegiate Water Polo Association Division III championship. I feel like sending a message to the team by quoting one of Wittenburg University’s former students: Oakland Raiders owner Al Davis. Way to “Just Win Baby.”

12 Mighty Orphans

2020 was the worst American year ever. But now that it is 2021, things may be slowly getting better. They are for me. I recently got together with one of my AC groups; we had to postpone a gathering in 2020. One of the Roos in that group, Richard Gudmundsen, brought me a gift. What

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