“A” Association

The Austin College “A” Association serves many purposes for Kangaroo Athletics, and plays an integral part in not just the preservation of our proud history but also helps to ensure a bright future for our athletics programs and all future Roos.

The role of the “A” Association is to support the activities and affairs of the Alumni Association; promote interest in Austin College intercollegiate athletics; promote appreciation of the role of intercollegiate athletics in the Austin College environment, develop financial resources in support of Austin College’s athletics programs; promote participation in intercollegiate athletics to current students and prospective students; provide a communication link between Austin College, its current students and alumni; and provide alumni with opportunities to interact with each other and current students.

Among other ways, the “A” Association accomplishes these purposes by sponsoring our annual Legends Celebration; meeting at or away from Austin College for recreational functions; sponsoring yearly reunions for “reunion” year teams; sponsoring activities in conjunction with on-campus athletics events; and raising money for the Athletics Enrichment fund.